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We are experts at design, strategy and marketing; delivering outstanding products for our clients.

To quickly tell you what Melodic Design is all about here is a snapshot to tell you when we started, how we do what we do and what we can do for you.

A Melodic snapshot.

Melodic Design




Our team consists of design and marketing professionals with centuries of combined experience in their fields.


We have worked on projects involving various types of design with some highly respected brands including Alpine, Audiovox, BMW, Jensen, Mercedes, Mini and Mitsubishi. We have also worked with many emerging companies like DICE Electronics, Express Furniture Rental, Conco Construction, Global Workspace Association and many more.


We believe that the purpose of business is creating customers. Attracting customers and meeting their goals can be a complex task for anyone but creating value, focusing resources and finding a competitive edge are key steps to success. And this is where we come in. From fast turn-around projects to long term campaigns and everything in between, we approach all projects as a challenge to better your company through this philosophy.


Our services cover everything related to design & marketing for web, print and product. We design and create your company’s complete visual presence and marketing on and off the web. We not only create the designs, but also source the materials, find the appropriate manufacturer and deliver the final product.


From design to solution delivered. – Melodic Design