Case Study | Hi-Lite Manufacturing

web design screenshot

The Hi Lite Manufacturing located in Chino, CA has been making quality lighting in the USA since 1958. Their website contains thousands of products which need to be added to and maintained on the web. A home page redesign was needed as well to show the company’s history and to showcase a new product line up.

PDF and CAD document editing

Hi-Lite’s large selection of products come with many technical specifications which like the website, needs constant updating. Melodic Design edited thousands of CAD and PDF files which would then be uploaded to Hi-Lite’s website. These updates required Melodic Design to quickly adapt, learn and be able to apply various technical aspects from the lighting industry into these documents.


Web deverlopment and design for Hi Lite

Hi-Lite’s website needed to be further developed to accommodate additional features such as a dynamic color chart with a print friendly page, a dealer locator and more. PHP and MySql was used extensively throughout various extensions of the website.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Like all websites, Hi-Lite Mfg needs to be cared for with some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and AdWords campaigns. In addition Melodic Design created various email advertising templates which can be used over and over.