Mobile Site

What is a mobile web site?

Call and ask about our web + mobile package and let us get started today.In the simplest terms, a mobile web site is a version of a standard web site that has been optimized to be viewed on mobile devices such as your smartphone, iPad or Android Tablet. More and more people are going mobile these days, so web designers are forced to create mobile versions of their main sites just to keep up with the demand.

Why should my site go mobile?

User experience. Visit your current website on your mobile phone and you will see. On a mobile phone, the amount of screen space is very limited. You will most likely have to scroll side to side and zoom in to be able to click the correct links, text and images will be small and hard to see. Your visitor could easily get frustrated and leave your site for good.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google has a separate index for mobile content, and it is also much less competitive than it’s non-mobile index. When you run a search on Google from your mobile device, it will place mobile optimized websites higher in the list. This can give you the competitive edge. Go ahead…see if your competitor has a mobile site.

The future leads to the mobile web. Don’t follow. Lead. Here are some facts: Nearly 20% of Americans access the web from their mobile devices everyday and this statistic is increasing every year. This means that the mobile web will overtake the desktop within 5 years. All of these people are not only looking online but shopping and spending money. In 2009, there was $1.6 billion worth of shopping from mobile devices.

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